We are a Canada based Jewelry Manufacturing Company. With over 30 years of experience in Gems & Jewelry Industry, we have accumulated vast knowledge and inventory.

We offer a wide selection of jewelry, diamonds, rare color gemstones and pearls. By using the latest technology to manufacture we are able to offer jewelry at the cheapest price anyone can buy for. We also deal in jewelry made with some rarest of the rare gemstones like color changing Alexandrite, color changing Turkish Diaspore (also known with trade names as Sultanite, Zultanite, Zultani etc), Blue Zircon, Green Diamond, Blue Diamond etc.

Most goods are brand new and are assured for their metal content and gemstone's authenticity. Most gold jewelry is Made in Canada. You can find a huge variety of loose gemstones and studded jewellery readily available with us which is hard to find in most stores. We also offer custom design work. Contact us with your design and we can quote you. 


Through International Wholesale Jewellery Auctions, we are promoting our Canadain products overseas, therefore all biddings are done in US Dollars for the convenience to our international buyers. We ship worldwide. 

As we are a manufacturer, wholesaler, we encourage purchases in quantity. We have been exporting jewelry to many countries, therefore please go ahead, bid to win with confidence.       


How can we offer such a low prize on all our products?

Our low cost is due to vertical integration of all steps in manufacturing from rough gemstones, computer-aided designs, plastic injection.

Vertical integration from ground up to your finger! We cut cost through the following 5 steps:

1. We source gemstones from across the world in bulk quantity.  We also source rough gemstones like Zultanite/alexandrites. We cut and polish these gemstones through our overseas associates at lowest cost.




2. We add 100's of new computer-aided designs to our inventory of over 5000 designs.








3. We do casting, making the mold, quality control of alloy making, setting stones, finishing, polishing and rhodium our products in Canada.  We also use advanced techniques like metal mold casting, plastic injection, Laser wire wrapping etc. to keep cost at the absolute minimum. We use wire wrapping to create unique custom designs.






4. We price and tag our products to be competitive around the globe.  Our director has 25 years of experience in selling jewellery in over 50 major jewellery shows every year around the world. This includes exporting Canadian jewellery to India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Japan, Germany, UK, US etc. in the trade shows.




5. Keep the cost low by offering to worldwide customers based throughout the world. We sell our products through the internet to further cut the cost of selling.






In brief, we sell quality products at the lowest guaranteed prices around the world through the above vertical integration.



Address: 2201-250 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5B 1L7

Ph./Fax: +1 647 503 4666

Email: auction.affordablecreations@gmail.com

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